Landscape lighting never seems quite complete without tree lighting.  In a full moon the moonlight plays off of the trees making them glow in a soft silver.  The grooves in the bark on the trees seems deeper and the leaves shine back a diffused hue from bouncing off their waxy demeanor. In lighting a tree, you get a similar magical feel from the shadows you create.

Why should I illuminate a tree?

It adds to the bigger picture in landscape lighting that house lighting alone cannot do.  It also extends daylight into your yard, which is preferable during the darker winter months, and helps add to the security of having a well lit home.

What will I need?

Lighting fixtures, outdoor cables, transformer, tree mounting accessory, and a power supply

Where do I put lights?

To light the top and bottom of a tree,  mount downlight fixtures about 15-25 feet above the ground in the tree using a tree mounting accessory.  Mount an uplight to the lower forks of the tree in a similar fashion.  This way you will have lit the trunk of the tree where people could walk underneath, as well as the canopy giving it that full moon effect.

How do I run power to the lights?

From the fixtures in the tree, run an outdoor cable down the side of the tree that is not seen, and run the cable under ground to a transformer.  Connect the transformer to an outdoor power supply.   As always, read the manufacturers full instructions before beginning.

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